10 Minutes with Felon

Felon consists of three London based producers/DJ’s: George Renwick, Archie Ward and James Levey. Their sound is summery, uplifting, UK house with deep undertones and has a punchy edge which has kept them relevant for live DJ sets all over Europe.

We caught up with the boys for a quick chinwag…

1 – For those who don’t know much about you, can you let everyone know who you are?

Hi there, we are Felon. Made up for 3 London based producers, James Levey, George Renwick and Archie Ward.

2 – where did it all begin for you musically?

Individually it began at different times. For Felon it all began at the start of last summer.

3 – What was your inspiration when you first started?

I think individually our inspiration originated from many different things/genres/artists. Collectively i think we find inspiration from guys like MK, Disclosure, Gorgon City ect. Anyone who’s killing it basically ha.

4 – Whats your favourite tune to play at the moment?

Hard one to answer as there’s three of us. No More – Bodhi has been going down really well. We did a bootleg of Jay – Zs Niggas In Paris which is always so much fun to play.

5 – what news would you like to share with us?

We have our first live set coming up on the 28th Feb in Belgium which is exciting. We also have a mountain of new music building up in the studio, just deciding what the best follow up of Isla is.

6 – What other djs and producers have caught your eye so far?

Guys like Citizen, Blonde, Bodhi…. List goes on!

7 – Who would you want to collaborate with and why?

Would love to collaborate with a big vocalist such as Aluna George or MNEK. Big vocalists are key in our eyes.

8 – Talk us through a day in the life of (Artist Name)

Day in life of Felon usually consists of getting to the studio at around 10am. Prett or Wasabi for lunch. Then produce till around 10:30 pm. We’ve actually been playing The Chicken Stare Off online where by you have to stare at a video without blinking to win free KFC. Thats been keeping us busy ha!

9 – Whats the rest of the year have in store?

Lots of new releases, lots of gigging. 🙂

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