10 Minutes with Freight Train

Our (might as well be) Residents dropped by Waxed HQ to record a mix and catch up with an interview..

1- For those who don’t know much about you, can you let everyone know
who you are?

KRAFT: We are DJ / Production duo Freight Train! Love cups of tea, love
house music… That’s about it really…

WES : Along with other really cool stuff like stamp collecting and trainspotting,
but mostly music!

KRAFT: Gotta love the stamps yes!

2 – Where did it all begin for you musically?

KRAFT: This question always takes me back and makes me realise I actually got
into music from day one! My Dad was always jamming on the guitar; I was
around live music from a very early age and it kind of rubbed off on me. I have
always had an interest in Drums and Percussion and somehow it’s decided to
manifest itself through electronic music!

WES: For me, I think it all began at around the age of 5 when my parents
bought me my first keyboard, which was a Realistic Concertmate 670…
man that keyboard was AMAZING! I remember I used to play that thing for
hours, not that I had a clue what I was doing! I think playing around on it
from that age was what initiated my musical endeavours

3 – What was your inspiration when you first started?

KRAFT: I suppose a whole range of people and musicians have inspired
me. If I have to narrow it down to the very beginning, the credit goes to my
Dad – he’s a wicked guitarist!

WES: One of my inspirations has to be my aunt. She’s sick on the piano…
and the double bass. I remember I used to hear her play and all I could
think was man, I wanna be that good! She’s still better than me, but I can
DJ better than her so it’s all good!

4 – Whats your favourite tune to play at the moment?

WES: Man! Tough question! As a duo it has to be ‘Cassio Kohl – Keep On’
That tune is like an anthem; so old school sounding! When we drop it we get
a huge reaction every single time, it’s a banger

KRAFT: For me at the moment, it has to be ‘Shiny Objects – Higher
Ground featuring Michael Marshall’. So damn groovy!

WES: My personal track of the moment has to be ‘Celsius – Incoming’
Its serious! Released on MadTech

5 – What news would you like to share with us?

KRAFT: We have a free download coming VERY soon, we’ve re-worked a
classic R&B track and given it the Freight Train treatment! Nice and
groovy with a garage feel! As soon as its ready it will be up on our
soundcloud page free to download. Make sure you get a copy!

6 – What other djs and producers have caught your eye so far?

WES: We are really big fans of BANTON, the guy is a huge inspiration to us! So
talented, he churns out about 5 tunes a week! All of which are top notch. Make
sure you keep an eye out for him. Also, WALKER & ROYCE. They have a very
deep and techy sound but masters of production. They certainly know what they
are doing on a technical level.

7 – Who would you want to collaborate with and why?

WES: Ahh this is hard man. Boy, I think it would have to be my favourite DJ/
Producer who is Maceo Plex. The guy is an absolute beast. I swear, every time
he sits down to make a tune it’s a winner before he’s even finished laying the
first 5 tracks! I would love to collaborate with him cause I know he would teach
me a lot of production techniques and I think our styles combined would
produce an amazing sound.

KRAFT: I’d have to agree with Wes on this! Maceo is the man of the moment,
his production is so on point! If Maceo wasn’t about for a collaboration, then I
think we’d both happily settle with AtJazz – Again, an amazing musician and a
big inspiration of ours. Saying that, I think I’d be too scared to voice my ideas if
I was in studio with him, I’d be slightly star struck.

8 – Talk us through a day in the life of Freight Train!

WES: Well it depends what day it is! On an average day, we will probably
start around 12PM/1PM (as we are probably recovering from working the
night before)

KRAFT: The day has to start with a tea, Yorkshire Tea of course –
accept no imitations!

WES: Then if we don’t have any meetings/other arrangements then it’s a studio
day! This could be working on new music or getting our radio show planned
sorted out. We get a lot of promos in addition to searching for music so this
usually takes up the majority of the day…Evenings can vary! I myself might do
some training and cook something for dinner; Kraft knows I’m a bit of a chef

KRAFT: Well he thinks he is. Truth be told we usually end up in Nandos, Anand
can vouch for us here! Although the other month I was taken to a place in
Kentish Town, which is like Nandos but 10x better, strongly recommend!

9 – What’s the rest of the year have in store?

WES: We’re looking to secure another release, we’re currently in talks with a
couple labels so fingers crossed we will be announcing our next one before 2013
is up. December will be a busy month; we’re performing all over London for a
mixture of parties, club nights and corporate events, which will be fun. I think in
total we only have about 5 days off in the whole month! No pain, no gain – that’s
what they say… right?!

10 – Favourite place to DJ apart from Waxed Music?

KRAFT: Love & Liquor (Kilburn, London) is wicked. Great sound system and a
nice funky ‘n’ fresh feel to the club. Very intimate feel there, which is great for us,
we love feeling up and close to the crowd. Also, Village Underground
(Shoreditch, London). We had the pleasure of playing there for our first time this
year – it was immense. It’s like a proper warehouse; the brick walls and high
ceilings make it feel like you are in a vacated, underground space! Aside from the
clubs, places such as the Natural History Museum and the Gherkin were fantastic
venues to play in!

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