Meet the Family

Over the last couple of years, we (Waxed) have worked on a wide range of events. Mostly our own, some of our friends. Going back to 2 years ago, we helped curate Kings College London’s Freshers’ Ball with the guys over at Original Sin Events. Whilst doing so, we met the lovely Natalia. Natalia, was the glue that held that event together, she had married great content alongside a wide range of artists to play on the night. Soon after we realised that she was not only great and running events but had a keen eye for marketing and good music. In the start of this year, Natalia has come and joined our small family of music lovers and in doing so will be blogging for us on the regs!

If you want to find out more about Natalia, go check out her website!

In short, she loves to snowboard, she works pretty much every festival in the summer covered head to toe in glitter and she loves cats A LOT. Since we first met her freelance career has exploded and she now works with some of the biggest festival creative agencies in the Uk, specialising in creative events and event branding. So we couldn’t be happier to welcome her to our fold.

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